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This website,, is dedicated to providing comprehensive reviews of various dating sites and apps. Our goal is to assist users in making informed decisions when it comes to choosing the best platform for their online dating needs. In order to maintain transparency and trust with our readers, we would like to disclose that this website participates in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing allows us to earn a commission from certain websites or apps if you make a purchase or take any other action through the links provided on These commissions serve as a way for us to generate revenue and continue providing valuable content without charging our visitors directly.

It’s important to note that while we may receive financial compensation through these affiliate partnerships, it does not influence the objectivity and integrity of our reviews.

We prioritize delivering honest assessments based on thorough research, personal experiences (when applicable), user feedback, and industry standards.

We want you to have confidence that every review published on represents an unbiased opinion regarding each respective dating site or app. Our primary focus is always on presenting accurate information about features, pricing plans, subscription models, privacy policies, security measures, user interface usability, customer support quality – among many other aspects relevant for your decision-making process.

Although we strive for fairness across all evaluations presented on this website regardless of potential financial gain opportunities via affiliate partnerships some considerations may slightly affect how we structure our content:

  1. Placement: Affiliate links might be placed strategically within articles or comparison tables; however they do not guarantee higher rankings nor positive endorsements.
  2. Comparative Analysis: Reviews comparing multiple platforms will still consider merits objectively even if some are affiliated while others aren’t.

3. Up-to-date Information: MatchAudit makes efforts towards regularly updating reviews despite potential changes made by affiliates affecting accuracy over time (pricing adjustments being common examples).

Your trust matters greatly! Hence why maintaining editorial independence remains crucial throughout every aspect of our operations at – including our affiliate partnerships. We are committed to providing reliable information, valuable insights, and fair assessments that empower you to make the best choices when navigating the world of online dating.

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