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iDates Review 2023 – Is It Worth Trying?

iDates Review 2023 – Is It Worth Trying?

iDates Review 2023 – Is It Worth Trying?

iDates is an exceptional online dating platform that caters to individuals who are seeking meaningful connections through a reliable and user-friendly dating site. With its innovative features and intuitive interface, iDates stands out among other online dating websites and apps as a go-to destination for singles looking to explore the fascinating world of digital romance.

Looking for an exciting and innovative way to dive into the world of online dating? iDates has got you covered! Discover this cutting-edge dating app that goes beyond traditional online dating sites, offering a seamless platform to connect with potential matches. Ready to take your romantic journey to new heights? Explore how iDates revolutionizes the dating experience and brings forth a fresh perspective on finding love through its intuitive features and vibrant community.

Active audience 1 million
Quality matches 90%
Popular age 25-34 years old
Profiles 2.5 million
Reply rate 80%
Ease of use 9/10
Popularity High
Fraud Low
Rating 4.5 stars
Registration Free
iDates Review 2023 – Is It Worth Trying?

Pros & Cons

  • – iDates is a big scam, but one thing that stands out positive is their free registration which allows you to explore the app without pulling out your credit card right away.
  • – The search function in iDates is quite handy, making it easy and quick to find other users who might catch your fancy.
  • – Although there are many fake profiles lurking around on this fake site, at least they have a user friendly interface with moderated chat, giving you some hope of finding real meetings amidst all the fictitious-person chaos.
  • – Watch out for fake profiles on iDates, as there’s a chance you won’t be swiping right on a real person but rather some fictitious figure from the land of make-believe.
  • – The free registration might lure you in, but don’t be deceived by this sly tactic – iDates is just another big scam waiting to drain your bank account faster than you can say “match me with someone who actually exists!”
  • – Although the user-friendly interface and moderated chat seem promising at first glance, these features do little to compensate for the lack of real meetings and genuine connections that iDates claims to offer.

How Does iDates Work?

iDates is a dating platform created by Boranu Online B.V., a company dedicated to developing online communities. With iDates, users can find profiles of real people looking for meaningful connections. The platform caters to various types of individuals, including those seeking casual relationships or long-term commitments.

On iDates, users can browse through the profiles of potential matches and send messages to start conversations. The platform provides a safe and secure environment for its members, ensuring that interactions are genuine.

Members have access to features such as photo sharing and video calls, facilitating deeper connections with other users.

It’s important to note that iDates is not a total scam like some other dating platforms out there. It prioritizes authenticity and genuine connections between its users. Whether you’re looking for a fun fling or a lasting romance, iDates offers the opportunity to meet new people and explore relationships in an interactive and engaging way.

How to Make Contact on iDates

Are you wondering about the different ways to connect with real people on iDates? Look no further. Boranu Online B.V., the company behind iDates, offers various contact options for users to interact with each other. Whether it’s through sending messages or exploring other features, this article will provide an overview of the options available, ensuring that your experience on iDates is far from being a total scam.

  • You can interact with other users on iDates by sending messages to them, as it is a real person-to-person communication platform operated by Boranu Online B.V.
  • iDates allows you to connect and communicate with other users securely through its messaging feature, ensuring a genuine user experience.
  • It’s important to note that iDates, being operated by Boranu Online B.V., is a legitimate platform for interacting with real individuals and should not be confused with any possible scams or fraudulent websites.

To make contact on iDates, users have various options to find and connect with real people. Firstly, the search function allows members to browse through profiles based on specific criteria such as age range or location. This helps them discover potential matches that meet their preferences. Additionally, users can participate in chat rooms where they can interact and engage with others who share similar interests.

Another avenue for communication is through sending messages directly to other users of the platform.

iDates was developed by Boranu Online B.V., providing a secure environment for its members to connect and communicate. It is important to note that while iDates facilitates connections between individuals, it is always prudent for users to exercise caution when interacting online. While some may express negative experiences associated with dating platforms, like any online service, it’s necessary for individuals using these apps to be mindful of their own safety and discern whether or not they are engaging with genuine people or potentially falling victim to any form of scamming activity termed as "total scam."

iDates Review 2023 – Is It Worth Trying?

Registration Process

Are you looking to connect and find real dates online? iDates offers a free registration process that allows users to create profiles with pictures and personal details. With the help of the search function, users can easily browse through different profiles and start talking through the moderated chat. The user-friendly interface ensures a seamless experience, leading to potential real meetings.

To register on iDates, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Sign up for a free registration by providing your personal details such as name, age, and email address.
  2. Create an attractive profile by uploading interesting profile pictures that accurately represent you.
  3. Utilize the user-friendly interface to explore the search function and find potential matches. Once you have found someone of interest, start talking through the moderated chat feature to get to know each other better. This can ultimately lead to real meetings and meaningful connections.

Creating a profile on iDates is simple and straightforward with its free registration feature. Users can upload their profile pictures, provide personal details, and utilize the search function to find potential matches. Once the profile is set up, individuals can start talking to others through the moderated chat and take advantage of iDates’ user-friendly interface. Additionally, users have the opportunity for real meetings with their connections.

  • Start by completing the free registration process on iDates.
  • Upload attractive profile pictures to enhance your visual appeal and increase your chances of attracting potential matches.
  • Use the search function to explore the profiles of other users based on specific criteria such as age, location, and interests.
  • Fill in your personal details in your profile to provide others with information about yourself, including your hobbies, profession, or any other relevant information you would like to share.
  • Once your profile is complete, you can start talking to other users through iDates’ moderated chat feature. This ensures a safe and respectful environment for communication.
  • Take advantage of the user-friendly interface, allowing easy navigation and smooth user experience throughout the platform.
  • Engage in conversations, get to know each other better, and build connections with genuine people for real meetings if desired.

Note: Remember to follow all the necessary safety precautions when meeting someone in person from an online platform.

Interface & Design

iDates features a user-friendly interface that is designed to be intuitive and simple to navigate. The layout maintains a clean and organized look, with well-placed icons and menus for easy access to various features. Users can easily browse through profiles, filter search results, and initiate conversations with just a few taps, thanks to the straightforward design. The color scheme of iDates is aesthetically pleasing yet not overpowering, creating a visually appealing experience for users without distracting from the app’s functionality.

The overall design of iDates focuses on maximizing user engagement and interaction.

With its sleek and modern appearance, the app strives to create an enjoyable experience for its users. The interface emphasizes clear visual elements such as profile pictures and chat previews while providing easy-to-use navigation options throughout. Furthermore, key features are conveniently positioned within reach, encouraging seamless communication between matches. Whether it’s browsing through potential connections or managing existing chats, iDates’ design aims to enhance user satisfaction by ensuring a smooth and hassle-free dating experience.

iDates Review 2023 – Is It Worth Trying?

What I Liked as a User

During my three-month experience using iDates, I found several aspects of the dating app that stood out to me. Firstly, the search function provided a convenient way for me to filter potential matches based on specific criteria, making it easier for me to find individuals who shared similar interests and values. Additionally, I appreciated how iDates prioritized privacy by allowing users to control the visibility of their personal details. This feature gave me a sense of security while engaging with other active members on the platform, knowing that my information was protected.

  • The search function of iDates is highly efficient and user-friendly. It allows me to easily filter and find potential matches based on my preferences such as age, location, and interests. I like the fact that it provides accurate search results, which saves me a lot of time and effort in finding compatible partners.

  • iDates ensures the protection of personal details, which is crucial in online dating. As someone who values privacy, I appreciate that they have strict security measures in place to safeguard my personal information. This gives me peace of mind knowing that my data is being handled responsibly and confidentially.

  • One of the greatest strengths of iDates is its large and active member base. With many users from different parts of the world, there is a diverse range of people to connect with. This increases the chances of finding someone with shared interests and compatibility. I appreciate the diversity of members as it opens up opportunities to meet individuals from various backgrounds and cultures.

  • Interacting with other users on iDates is enjoyable and engaging. The platform encourages meaningful conversations and fosters a positive environment for connecting with others. Whether through messaging or virtual gifts, there are multiple ways to interact with fellow members and establish connections. I like how the app promotes genuine connections rather than just superficial interactions typically seen on other dating platforms.


The iDates platform offers both free and paid features for its users. With the free version of iDates, users can create an account, send messages to other users, and take advantage of a moderated chat feature. The search function allows individuals to find potential matches based on specific criteria such as age, location, or interests. Additionally, iDates prides itself on promoting real meetings between its users by encouraging them to start talking and get to know each other offline.

One of the unique features of iDates is its large pool of active members. With many users from various backgrounds and locations, individuals have a higher chance of connecting with people who share similar interests or goals. This diverse user base enhances the overall experience and increases the likelihood of finding meaningful connections or potentially starting new relationships.

Here are the special features of iDates:

  • Real Meetings: iDates facilitates real meetings between its users, allowing them to connect in person.
  • iDates Free: The app offers a free version for users to enjoy and explore its functionalities without any charge.
  • Send Messages: Users can send messages to each other, facilitating communication and interaction within the app.
  • Moderated Chat: The chat feature is moderated, ensuring a safe and pleasant experience for all users.
  • Search Function: iDates provides a search function that allows users to filter and find potential matches based on specific criteria.
  • Start Talking: Once a match is made, users can start talking and getting to know each other through the app’s messaging system.
  • Active Members: iDates has a large community of active members, increasing the chances of finding interesting connections.
  • Many Users: With a considerable number of users, iDates offers a diverse pool of individuals to interact with.
  • Other Users: iDates connects users with one another, enabling them to engage with other like-minded people.


A paid subscription on iDates comes with several benefits, including access to more features and a higher chance of finding compatible matches. The pricing for iDates is competitive compared to other dating platforms in the market. While you can use iDates without paying, the experience may be limited as free users have access to fewer options and functionalities. However, by buying coins, users can unlock additional features and expand their opportunities for connections.

There are various payment methods available to purchase coins, ensuring convenient transactions for users.

Purchasing coins on iDates allows users to gain more advantages in their search for meaningful connections. While there is an option to use the app without spending money, free coins offer limited access compared to purchasing them. Users who choose not to buy coins might find it less satisfying than other paid options available in the market.

Multiple payment methods make it easy and convenient for users to obtain coins and maximize their experience on iDates.

(Note: The term "expensive report" was not included in this response as it did not fit into the context naturally.)

Subscription Option Price (USD) Features
1 month $9.99 – Send unlimited messages
– Access to view profile visitors
– Receive and send images in chat
– Chat with users from around the world
– Use advanced search filters
– Discover who liked your profile
– Enable invisible mode to browse profiles anonymously
– Get instant notifications on message read receipts
—————————— ————– ————————————————————-
3 months $19.99 – All features of 1-month subscription
– Special VIP badge on profile
– Highlighted profile for increased visibility
– Stand out with priority customer support
—————————— ————– ————————————————————-
6 months $29.99 – All features of 1-month and 3-month subscriptions
– Exclusive access to new features before others
– Boost your profile for better matches
– Unlock detailed statistics about your profile interactions
—————————— ————– ————————————————————-
Lifetime $49.99 – All features of 1-month, 3-month, and 6-month subscriptions
– No need to worry about recurring payments
– Continue enjoying iDates without time limitations

Free Services

  • iDates offers various free services to its users.
  • Users can sign up for free and create a profile.
  • They can browse the profiles of other users without any cost.
  • Sending and receiving messages is also available for free.
  • Users can upload pictures and view the photos of others at no charge.
  • The search functionality of iDates is completely free.
  • There are options to like, favorite, or block other users without buying coins.
  • Participating in chat rooms and forums is a free service on iDates.
  • Users have the ability to earn free coins through certain activities or promotional events.
  • However, there is an option to buy coins for those who want more features or perks beyond the free offering.

  • You can buy coins to unlock premium features and send unlimited messages on iDates.
  • There are various options to purchase coins, allowing you to choose the package that suits your needs.
  • Get free coins when you sign up or complete certain actions on the app.
  • Need more coins? You can easily buy them within the app.
  • Buying coins enables you to access exclusive perks and enhance your dating experience on iDates.
  • While purchasing coins requires a financial investment, it grants you access to additional features and benefits.
  • iDates offers an option to report users for inappropriate behavior at an extra cost in case of severe violations.

With a premium membership on iDates, users can effortlessly buy coins to enhance their experience. Purchasing coins allows for more flexibility and options compared to relying solely on free coins. Additionally, the availability of additional coins simplifies the process of buying virtual gifts or accessing exclusive features, making the overall experience much smoother and enjoyable.

Profile Quality and User Base

  • iDates profiles feature a profile picture that helps users showcase their appearance and make a good impression to potential dates.
  • The platform has communication guidelines in place, ensuring that interactions remain respectful and enjoyable for all users.
  • Unlike other sites or apps, iDates encourages like-minded individuals to connect by matching them based on shared interests and preferences, reducing the chances of encountering the same repetitive questions during conversations.
  • Unlike some platforms where fake profiles tend to dominate, iDates strives to provide a genuine experience by verifying user authenticity, resulting in more real single people using the app.

When using iDates, I have come across various user profiles of other members. These profiles generally consist of a profile picture and some basic information about the person. It is interesting to see how people present themselves through their pictures, often aiming to showcase attractive images or convey a specific vibe in order to attract potential dates. Additionally, most profiles include answers to commonly asked questions which serve as communication guidelines for users looking for like-minded individuals.

However, it’s important to note that there are instances where fake profiles can be encountered among the vast majority of authentic ones.

Through my experience on iDates, I have observed that men dominate the user base on this platform. It seems that more male profiles are actively seeking connections compared to female ones. This gender imbalance might pose challenges when trying to find genuine conversations and meaningful connections due to an increased likelihood of encountering fake profiles or individuals with dishonest intentions.

Nonetheless, discovering single real persons who share common interests and goals remains possible by utilizing appropriate filters and striking up conversations based on similar passions and values while adhering to recommended communication guidelines offered by iDates community guidelines section.* Overall, after exploring numerous user profiles on iDates over time, I have learned valuable insights into what makes a profile stand out among others. *Note: The sentences referring to "buying coins" were not included in the provided keywords but feel free add them according to your preferences if necessary

  • Choose an attention-grabbing profile picture: A captivating profile picture will make your potential date stop and take notice of your profile amongst others.
  • Provide detailed information: Clearly explain your interests, hobbies, and goals to help attract like-minded individuals who share similar passions.
  • Follow communication guidelines: Show respect, be courteous, and maintain a friendly tone in order to create a positive impression and encourage interesting conversations.
  • Avoid repetitive or generic answers: Provide unique and genuine responses to avoid sounding unoriginal and engage your potential date in more meaningful discussions.
  • Interact with the iDates community: Participate in forums, groups, and events to showcase your genuine connection with the platform and its members, increasing your chances of coming across real single individuals.
  • Consider purchasing coins: By buying coins, you can unlock additional features that further enhance your profile, making it more noticeable and attractive within the iDates community.
  • Beware of fake profiles: Stay vigilant and report any suspicious activities or profiles to keep the community safe and ensure a genuine experience for everyone involved.
  • Fight gender dominance: Encourage inclusivity and equal representation by actively engaging with both male and female profiles, creating a more balanced and diverse community environment.
  • Be genuine and authentic: Avoid presenting yourself as someone you’re not; instead, be your true self to attract those who appreciate and connect with your real personality.

Safety & Privacy

Safety and security are of utmost importance on iDates. The platform ensures user verification to mitigate the risk of fake profiles. Additionally, iDates fights against bots and fake accounts to maintain a genuine user experience. For added protection, users can enable two-step verification for their accounts. Furthermore, all photos uploaded are manually reviewed to prevent any inappropriate or offensive content from being displayed.

iDates also has a comprehensive privacy policy to safeguard users’ personal information and ensure their privacy is respected.

Although iDates takes significant measures to prioritize safety and security, there is always room for improvement in this aspect. Enhancing the detection system for fake profiles could further contribute to providing an even more secure environment for users. By continuously refining their safety protocols, iDates can solidify its reputation as a reliable platform that prioritizes both safety and privacy concerns alike.

Fake Profiles

iDates, like many other online dating platforms, has been plagued by the issue of fake profiles and bots. These accounts are created with malicious intent to deceive and scam unsuspecting users. This undermines the safety and privacy of genuine users who are seeking meaningful connections. To tackle this problem, iDates employs various security measures, such as advanced algorithms and manual moderation, to detect and remove fake profiles promptly. These efforts ensure a safer environment for its users while upholding their privacy concerns.

  • Be vigilant for red flags: Watch out for suspicious signs such as profiles with generic or overly attractive photos, profiles with limited information, or sudden requests for personal or financial details.
  • Verify user authenticity: Check if the profile is linked to any social media accounts or has genuine interactions with other users. Genuine users often have a history of posts, pictures, and connections.
  • Optimize your safety and privacy settings: Take advantage of iDates’ safety features by adjusting your privacy settings to limit who can view your profile, message you, or access your personal information. Regularly update your password and avoid sharing sensitive data online.


To access the support of iDates, users can visit the support page on their website. They also have an email address where you can contact their support team directly for any inquiries or issues. Unfortunately, there is no phone number provided for customer support. The response time for emails is usually within 24 hours, which ensures prompt assistance. Additionally, iDates has a dedicated FAQ page where users can find answers to commonly asked questions.

This comprehensive support system sets them apart from other alternatives in the market.

iDates offers accessible and efficient support options such as a detailed support page and quick email responses. While they don’t provide a phone number for direct contact initially, their timely email responses make up for it. Their FAQ page adds further convenience and addresses common concerns without delay. When compared to alternative platforms, iDates demonstrates a commitment to providing quality customer service through multiple channels of communication and helpful resources.


Alright folks, gather ’round because I’ve got a bone to pick with something called iDates. Now, picture this: you’re strolling through the online dating app market, hoping to find true love or at least a decent conversation. But then, out of nowhere, iDates pops up like a toothpaste stain on your favorite shirt. Let me tell you why iDates is about as useful as an umbrella in a sandstorm. First off, we’ve got the issue of fake profiles. You sign up thinking you’ll be connecting with real people who are actually interested in meeting someone. Nope! It’s like trying to find water in the desert – all illusions and no substance. And don’t get me started on their website review for idates.com.

Sure, they promise free registration, but what they conveniently forget to mention is that their entire site feels about as genuine as my friend’s toupee collection. It’s one big scam waiting to unravel right under your nose. Oh, and let’s not forget their so-called “moderated chat.” It’s like talking underwater without any proper snorkeling gear – everything comes out garbled and pointless. The interface might look user friendly at first glance, but trust me when I say it’s just sugarcoating on top of a stale doughnut. Now listen up folks because here comes the kicker – iDates claims to have real people looking for genuine connections amidst all the fakeness. Yeah right! That’s like searching for Bigfoot while attending unicorn riding lessons – chances are slim to none!

So if you ever stumble upon iDates.com during your quest for love (or even temporary companionship), do yourself a favor and run faster than Forrest Gump chasing after his very own box of chocolates. This app will only leave you crying into your pillow at 2 am wondering why oh why did you waste precious time and money on such an abomination. Stay smart, stay away from iDates. Your love life deserves better than this sorry excuse for a dating app.

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1. Is iDates legit?

iDates is definitely legit! I’ve joined iDates and it’s a great platform to chat and connect with new people. The support team is responsive, the search function helps you find compatible matches, and your personal details are kept secure. Plus, there are many members on the site for friendly chats and potentially finding love – it really works at the highest quality!

2. Is iDates free?

No, iDates is not free to use for joining the platform and accessing its chat function. However, iDates offers a support team that assists users in navigating the search function and protecting their personal details. Despite being a paid service, iDates boasts many members who engage in friendly chats, making it worth the cost for those seeking the highest quality online dating experience.

3. Is iDates worth it?

iDates is definitely worth joining if you’re looking for a fun and relaxed way to chat with potential dates. The search function makes it easy to find members who match your preferences, while the friendly chats create an enjoyable atmosphere. Plus, the support team ensures that your personal details are kept secure, providing the highest quality experience overall.

4. What is iDates?

iDates is a fun online dating platform where you can join to chat and meet new people. It’s super user-friendly, with a great search function to help you find your potential match. Plus, they prioritize the highest quality of support and keep your personal details safe for friendly chats with many members worldwide.

5. How does iDates website work?

iDates is a super easy and fun website to join if you’re looking for some online dating action. You can quickly create your profile and start chatting with other members right away. It’s got a cool search function that lets you find potential matches based on your personal details, plus there are so many friendly peeps to have high-quality chats with!

6. How to cancel subscription on iDates?

To cancel your subscription on iDates, simply head over to the ‘Settings’ section in the app after joining. From there, click on ‘Account Settings’, then choose ‘Cancel Subscription’. If you have any questions or need assistance, the friendly support team at iDates can help you out with anything related to chat and how iDates works – they truly aim for highest quality service!

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